Elk herd crossing over the ridge

The months keep rolling by. Make sure to give the IRS their pound of flesh before April 15th.  Let’s be grateful for what we have (and what the govt. allows us to keep) and hope for a healthy, happy and successful year for everyone. 


Where does the time go? We skipped right by the holiday season. February was gone in a flash. We have been seeing temperatures in the 30 to 50° range with an occasional light dusting of snow at night. It’s nice to see some fresh snow up on a lot the mountaintops. You never know what weather the Bitterroot will be delivering for us. Real estate activity has been a rollercoaster ride the last few years and we hope it will continue to improve slowly. Buyers are looking, prices are stabilizing. Our market continues to improve at a slow but steady pace.  One fact is always true here.  The weather and real estate remain in a constant state of flux in the Bitterroot Valley!!     


It’s a great time to visit the Bitterroot Valley.  You can see first-hand, what the first days of Spring in the Rockies looks like in the Bitterroot Valley.  Come enjoy the wide, open spaces and the friendly hospitality of the Bitterroot Valley.  Enjoy the Bitterroot Valley in all its natural splendor—hope to see you soon!!


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How soon can I expect to be living in the new home I want to purchase?


Once you’ve selected a home to purchase, you can expect to go to closing  and be moved in within 30-45 days from the date the contract was finalized between you and the sellers.


If I decide to look at homes with you, who will pay your commission?


The seller or builder will.  All homes that are on the market for sale pay a percentage of the sales price (the commission) to the selling agent. 


Should I wait to see if the interest rates get any better?


You may wait a long time to see interest rates this good again.  The home you can afford today may be out of reach tomorrow, as prices and interest rates rise, forcing you to settle for less than you want.


What are water rights?


Water is a valuable commodity in Montana.  Water rights have been established for many years on the properties in the State and are currently undergoing re-adjudication.  If the property you want to buy has water rights your Buyers Agent will see to it that the rights are transferred into your name with the property at closing.  However, re-adjudication may affect the water rights attached to your property. Neither the agents or the seller have control of this.