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Top Fixes Recommended by Home Inspectors

Buyers today are more educated and demanding than they were in the past.† It should not be surprising to a seller that a buyer would ask for a home inspection before signing a hefty purchase agreement.† Therefore, it would be wise for homeowners to look at the areas where most home inspections fail.† Start by fixing those areas up in advance, before youíre† ready to place your house on the market.The most frequently found problem area is water in the crawl space or basement.† Poor drainage can result in water damage that will be more than apparent to an inspector.† This can be an expensive problem to fix.

Start by re-grading the soil around the foundation of the home where water seems to be entering, or invest in waterproofing.† Itís also a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier to remove moisture on an ongoing basis.


There are some areas that are more prone to water in the basement than others.† Most buyers know if a little water is to be expected or not.† If youíre unsure how prevalent the problem is in your area,† feel free to call me anytime for advice.


The second most common problem found by inspectors is poor wiring.† The wiring in your home needs to be up to code, and has to have sufficient overload protection.† Sometimes the best way to be sure the wiring in your home is in good shape is to hire a home inspector, or electrical contractor to check it out for you.† Even if youíre not selling your home right now, you would want to make sure your family is living in a house that is safe from fire hazards.


Another major problem found in certain areas, is termite damage.† If you begin to suspect at any time that your home may have termites, itís urgent that you call a pest control service right away.† This particular problem needs to be taken care of quickly.

More Important Home Fixes


Other areas that should be looked at as potential problems are the heating systems

of your home, structural damage, such as extensive cracks in the walls or ceiling, or

leaky roofs.


When deciding what is important to fix, put yourself in the place of the buyer.† If you were considering buying the home you live in now, what would you consider important that the seller fix?


Handle problems in condition or construction with estimates and repair by a reputable contractor.† Sooner is better than later, especially when the demands of moving and evaluation of the buyer run high.† Do it now!


Anything you can do to make your home more marketable in advance, will mean more money and less hassle, when youíre actually ready to sell.