House Talk

The Advantage of Having an Agent Open House


You may have heard in an earlier newsletter or from friends that open houses are not all they’re cracked up to be.  It’s true that sticking an open house sign on the front lawn is

probably not going to directly result in a buyer being found for your property.  However, there is another kind of open house that is extremely beneficial.  It’s called an agent open house. 


In an agent open house, agents from either the listing company or sometimes agents from competing companies that belong to the same association, get together to look at each others new listings.  The agents have the opportunity to give their best sales pitch on your home and tell other agents why it would be great for one of their buyers.  The advantage is that there is a much higher probability that one of the agents that comes by the agent open may know a buyer that would be perfect for your home. 


Even if they are not currently working with the perfect buyer, having other agents view your home can be beneficial because they often give helpful suggestions on improvements and pricing. 


So when it’s time for your agent open house make sure your house is ready to shine!


Moving Up:  Do You Want New or Used?


The majority of people are still opting for a used house rather than a new one.  Of the people who are buying a new home, most are buying an already existing new home, rather than having one built.


The advantages of having a new home built for you are obvious.  You and only you get to choose what the home will look like and what the features will be.  The disadvantages are just as obvious. The price will be

considerably higher.


Opting for a used home has certain advantages also.  One is that you can generally get a much larger used home for the same dollar as smaller new home.  The process is not as time consuming and you will not experience delays while waiting for your home to be built.  Taxes are already established for the neighborhood and are stable. 


The disadvantages of buying a used home are that someone else has already lived in it.  Therefore, you can’t know for sure what to expect.  To alleviate the guesswork, you can hire a home inspector to take a look at the home before you purchase. 


For most people, the money saved buying a used home is the way to go.  The problems that arise are minimal for the most part and the extra space is nice to have. Draperies, landscaping, and other “minor” improvements, are in and paid for!


If you’re still leaning toward having your home built, make sure you hire a reputable builder.  Give me a call if you need a referral.  We keep a list of builders with good reputations in the industry. 


If you’ve decided to look for a used house, now is the time.  We can help you narrow your search down and find just the right home for you.  Call us and we’ll get started on this exciting adventure!